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Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney San Diego |  The Law Office of Daniel Morneau

Daniel Morneau is a knowledgeable and perceptive workers compensation attorney as the law is applied to the residents of the state of California. Workers’ compensation should be a type of insurance that makes sure that the injured worker is given his wages and medical benefits when he’s hurt during the performance of his job. California law requires that employers have workers’ compensation for their employees, even if they only have one employee. Most workers’ compensation is paid for by private insurance companies, and only a very few companies have the wherewithal to be self-insured. There’s also a list of medical providers that are approved by the insurer. Many of them seem to be on the side of the employer as opposed to the employee. Indeed, the entire system skews toward the side of the employer. This becomes glaringly obvious when the insurer or the employer contests the case brought by an employee who’s been injured on the job.

If the insurer is contesting a case, a skilled lawyer for the injured worker is crucial. Usually, the workmen’s compensation case is taken to an administrative agency to be presided over by an administrative law judge. If the case is appealed, it can go to the California state court. At that point, winning an appeal is difficult, and would be nearly impossible for a client who has no legal representation of the kind we provide at Daniel Morneau’s law office.

Most California employers also have disability insurance. This insurance is either long or short term and covers the workers if they get sick, have an accident or suffer an injury on the job. Either the employee pays for these benefits or they’re paid for as part of the overall employee benefits. These disability benefits aren’t workers’ compensation and the terms of the disability coverage can vary. This employee disability insurance isn’t Social Security Disability Insurance, either. But if an employee is hurt on the job, he has the right to collect disability. If he is having a difficult time claiming these benefits, he should also talk to an experienced and assertive lawyer like Daniel Morneau.