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Work Injury Attorney

Work Injury Attorney San Diego | The Law Office of Daniel Morneau - Work Injury Attorney

A work injury attorney like Daniel Morneau would also cover work injuries like lifting injuries. Employees not only hurt themselves by lifting but pushing and pulling objects that are simply too heavy or unwieldy for them. Another quite common sort of work injury is the herniated disc, which can also be a risk of trying to move an object that’s too heavy. A herniated disc can also result from a blow to the spine or a fall. With a herniated disc, the spongy disc that cushions the space between two vertebrae is ruptured or pushed out from between the bones in the spinal column. This irritates the nerves in the spinal column which leads to sometimes severe pain and sometimes weakness in the affected limbs. The pain and weakness can make it impossible to work. Daniel Morneau can determine whether a client’s herniated disc will qualify her to receive benefits through workers’ compensation.

Workers are also subject heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions that come directly rom their work. These cases are notoriously hard. The lawyer will have to offer proof that the heart attack came because of the work conditions on the client’s job. However, a good work injury attorney will be able to show that the heart attack resulted because of the great stress that his client was put under at work.