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Injured On The Job Attorney

Injured On The Job Attorney San Diego |  The Law Office of Daniel Morneau

Personal injury law can cover a wealth of subjects, including getting injured on the job. Among the injuries that can happen on the job are back injuries. Back injuries are notoriously difficult to prove when it comes to workers’ compensation cases in California. Doctors who are on an insurer’s approved list don’t like to sign off on back injuries. Therefore, a client who’s suffered such an injury has her chances for compensation greatly increased if she has a lawyer on her side.

Another type of work injury is a neck injury, or any sort of injury that involves the upper spinal column and the shoulders.

Head injuries can be the worst injuries a person can suffer on the job. This is because they can lead not only to physical impairment but mental impairment as well. This will make it even harder for our clients to work in the future. A successful work injury claim is vital for them to support themselves and their families. Daniel Morneau is superb as an injured on the job attorney.