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Welcome to The Law Office of Daniel Morneau

Personal injury law and work injury law can be very convoluted. It can seem that not only every state but every jurisdiction has different laws with regards to work and personal injury cases. Over the years, the criteria that govern how an injury case can be brought and adjudicated have only gotten more and more stringent. An injured on the job attorney is needed who’s very familiar with the finer points of the law, and this is where the Law Office of Daniel Morneau can help. As a work injury attorney, Daniel Morneau oversees every case personally. This hands-on involvement demonstrates his commitment to getting the maximum compensation and justice for his clients. He and his staff are also aggressive in getting the best medical treatment for our clients.

About The Law Office of Daniel Morneau

Daniel Morneau has over 20 years of experience as a workers compensation attorney in the San Diego area. He’s a specialist in workers’ compensation law and has been certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. We offer a free initial consultation and there are no fees if the client’s claim isn’t approved. But Daniel Morneau prides himself on getting thousands of claims approved for his clients and their families.

Our law firm knows what an injury on a job can do to a worker and his family. Daniel Morneau worked many menial jobs before he became a lawyer and so knows the value of disability insurance and workers’ compensation. Our services are geared toward making our clients and their families whole after the devastationcaused by a work related injury.

Daniel Morneau not only makes sure that our clients get the appropriate medical care but our office collects accident reports and records and files all claims in a timely manner. This is important because cases have been dismissed simply because they haven’t been filed on time. We also interface with the workers’ compensation appeals board and represent our clients before them. Everything we do at the Law Office of Daniel Morneau is to make sure that our clients receive the largest award they can for their pain and suffering.